December 2021

  • Hitting a Wall

    Hitting a Wall

    Whoops! I’ve been racing around for the last two weeks, trying to get everything done in preparation for my Africa trip. Uganda visa forms (all my other countries, I can get a visa at the border, but Uganda needs an advance application), yellow fever vaccine (required for the Uganda visa), arranging sufficient medication with my […]

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  • Omicron


    So, the new variant of Covid has not succeeded in completely derailing my trip… yet. Crossed fingers and toes, it doesn’t manage after I’ve begun. I had some very hard thinking to do when we started hearing about Omicron. I mean, a brand new, super-infectious form of Covid that wasn’t successfully defended by vaccines, and […]

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  • Wheelin’


    When you see her in the evening in a bright green dress Walking fast down the hallway, you might never guess That the lady has a weakness she’s reluctant to confess, No, you might not notice when she’s dancing reels That she made it through the airport on a set of wheels And she still […]

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  • My Best Trip Ever

    My Best Trip Ever

    I became a travel fanatic when my parents took me to southern France, the year I was fifteen.I had liked travel before that, of course. Usually very much. We had gone to Disneyworld and Chautauqua and London, and even once the island of Guadeloupe. I enjoyed everyplace we went, but it didn’t really translate into […]

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