Naomi seated on a mobility scooter with red and purple trim. The Fremont Troll is behind her, with his hand over a VW bug.


Who am I, and why the blazes am I going sideways?

Well, I’m Naomi, and I love to go pretty much anywhere, from the far side of town to the dark side of the moon. When I started, I tried to do it pretty straightforwardly. You know… put one foot in front of the other, check off your goals, and you’ll get where you’re going. Right? That’s what I was always taught.

Chance -- an orange crab stuffie with black eyes


Chance — whose name is short for Crab Who Takes Chances

was a simple Dungeness crab on the Maryland shore for the early part of his life, but he always had a yearning to travel. In 2007, Naomi visited his beach and he heard her describing her upcoming road trip from Maryland to Seattle. It sounded like the perfect entrance for a young crab into a life of travel and adventure, so he did what he does best. He took a chance.


Steve is often heard to quote Bilbo Baggins

on the subject of adventures —
“Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” — usually while on his way out the door at the start of another one. Later he will probably claim to have been “dragged into it”, but the fact is that he has a great deal of difficulty saying “no” to anything that promises to be interesting.