I write on a lot of subjects centered on travel, chronic illness, accessibility, and the overlap of any combination of the three. Steve writes about the experience of partnering a disabled traveler, and all issues surrounding the caregiver’s and travel companion’s roles. Do you have a blog or any other publication that connects to any of those topics? We’d love to write a guest post for you!

Would you like to do a guest post for Going Sideways? We’d like that, too! We welcome proposals for posts on any related subject, and we especially encourage reviews of destinations, restaurants or tourist sites in your area that include information about accessibility and other relevant specifics for people with chronic health troubles. Is your favorite restaurant great about special preparations to avoid allergens? Do you know of a great park for people with frequent sensory overload issues, where things are cool and quiet and peaceful? Let me know what you’d like to write about! Payment is possible, usually in the form of covering the cost of your experience at the place you’re planning to review.

If you’d either like to write for us, or you’d like to talk to us about writing for you, shoot me an email at and let me know what you have in mind. I’d love to talk.


(Chance seldom writes. He does, however, look cute in photographs).