• Sweet Home Chicago

    Sweet Home Chicago

    From Iowa, we pulled into Chicago, where we took a taxi to Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a culturally flourishing neighborhood on the South Side, dominated by the University of Chicago. Since I both attended college at the University of Chicago and lived there for another three years after that, when I married someone who…

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  • Colorado and the Midwest

    Colorado and the Midwest

    Wednesday, March 27. Our second day on the California Zephyr was alleged to be the most beautiful; indeed, the most beautiful on any passenger train in the United States. It lived up to its billing. First, though, we passed overnight through Utah and into the high desert. There’s a reason they call it that —…

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  • Oakland and the Zephyr

    Oakland and the Zephyr

    We pulled into Emeryville, CA — a subsection of Oakland, as far as I can tell — at 8:30 in the morning, and set about dragging our enormous suitcases behind us to the Sonesta Hotel. It’s a lovely hotel and I would use it again, but when they say it’s within walking distance of the…

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  • The Coast Starlight

    The Coast Starlight

    Saturday, March 23. We began our trip this morning, boarding the Coast Starlight out of Seattle at 9:50 this morning. This meant getting up much earlier than we normally do, as there were things to pack which had to be used overnight or first thing in the morning, and a lot of general scurrying around…

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  • Lime Soda

    Lime Soda

    C and I are still looking for his pickup, in which we’re planning to drive to Colorado in a couple months. So this week, we took his fictional weekend — it’s not the actual weekend because he works in a retail pharmacy and they need him on the weekends — and went to see a…

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