• Frankly, It’s a Truck

    Frankly, It’s a Truck

    If time is nature’s way of ensuring that not everything happens all at once, it doesn’t work! The development process doesn’t happen smoothly. Instead, …

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  • Racking Up the Miles

    Racking Up the Miles

    On Thursday and Friday, C and I went to look at trucks. The one from last week that he’d found interesting needed to be brought to the mechanic, so I picked him up early Thursday and we hurried north for 70-ish miles to collect the truck.

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  • Putting It Together

    Putting It Together

    Two trips are still in the planning stage: Colorado in June and Italy at an undefined time in summer. Basically, we’re pretty sure we will be in Amsterdam the first week of August because that’s when my friend there has an open schedule. Whether we do Italy before or after that is uncertain. I’m leaning […]

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