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We said last week that “If nothing else goes sideways, you’ll get a real post next Wednesday.“. Well, the best-laid plans of mice and other vertebrates, and all that. Fortunately one of us is a crab. Who is feeling somewhat crabby because Naomi forgot that today is Yom Kippur, and Steve was lazy and didn’t write anything to fill in. He can be partially excused because he spent the weekend working on getting a house ready to sell (an ongoing project), and yesterday taking his cats to a somewhat overdue vet appointment. Anyway, here are some notes, in no particular order:

  • The team is planning a trip to Australia and Tasmania in a year or so. Stay tuned.
  • Sometime this year we intend to take advantage of some new features of WordPress that will, hopefully, make the site load faster.
  • Steve was annoyed to find that his new CPAP, which he received from Phillips because the old one was recalled, doesn’t come apart in a way that leaves extra room in its case the way his old one did. That appears to be regrettably true of most CPAPs these days.
  • However, he notes that his laptop, which predates USB-C by quite a few years, can nevertheless be run off a USB-C Power Delivery cable with a suitable adapter. One less power brick to pack. This is, unfortunately, not (yet) true of his CPAP.
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I should scuttle off and grab some dinner. The tide is going out, and there will be excellent worms available on the Puget Sound beaches.

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