• In case you were wondering…

    In case you were wondering…

    Naomi and M did make it to Chicago, and then to New York. Where N’s father had just tested positive for COVID-19. Thanks to paxlovid he has improved enough that N felt that it was safe to leave him, after setting him up with DoorDash for getting deliveries from drugstores, which mostly don’t deliver in…

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  • Who knows where the time goes?

    Who knows where the time goes?

    … and what was that about the best-laid plans? A lot has happened in the year and a half since our last entry. Among other things, we missed a whole trip! Naomi, her husband G, and I went to the Netherlands, staying in Leiden and Amsterdam with a side trip to Utrecht. We might be…

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  • Ass Over Teakettle

    Ass Over Teakettle

    So, you may have noticed that this post is a day late. Yeah, I admit it. I admit also that the last several weeks have been thin on posts in general, and even more thin on posts that actually cover the trip to Italy in detail. I haven’t abandoned them — I’ve been writing all…

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  • A Few Random Notes from Chance

    A Few Random Notes from Chance

    We said last week that “If nothing else goes sideways, you’ll get a real post next Wednesday.“. Well, the best-laid plans of mice and other vertebrates, and all that. Fortunately one of us is a crab. Who is feeling somewhat crabby because Naomi forgot that today is Yom Kippur, and Steve was lazy and didn’t…

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  • A couple of announcements

    A couple of announcements

    We’re changing the posting schedule: posts will now be coming out onWednesdays. There’s just too much happening around here on Mondays;switching to Wednesday gives us all day Tuesday to write. To kick off the new schedule, tomorrow’s post will be coming to you from avery special guest writer. Stay tuned!

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  • Exploring at Home

    Exploring at Home

    One of the most common pieces of advice travelers get is, if you can’t go anywhere right away, go traveling in your own town or city.

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  • A Very Short Update

    A Very Short Update

    The fibromyalgia is kicking my tail really badly this week, so this is going to be very brief. There’s exciting stuff going on, but I’m going to have to tell you all about it next time, because if I try to push myself through writing a whole post today, something is going to break, and…

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  • Turtles and Gators and Snakes: Oh My!

    Turtles and Gators and Snakes: Oh My!

    And what did we do with our Mother’s Day excursion? We went and petted snakes, of course! Isn’t that what most families do when they want a pleasant, relaxing day out? No? Well, maybe we’re just bizarre, then. That’s just fine; we like our weirdness. We also like our snakes.

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  • Things That Don’t Help

    Things That Don’t Help

    This post is going to be partially a rant. I’m warning you now. I love travel, and I love writing about travel, and so I’m nearly always positive when I write these posts, simply because I’m talking about things that make me feel good. But every once in a while… As reported in the news…

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  • Catching Up to Now

    Catching Up to Now

    Hi, everyone! Because I’ve been posting the Africa trip over our usual schedule, the last stuff you have from me was mostly written a month or so ago, with the exception of the little bit about my upcoming road trip. So I thought this time, I should catch you up on what’s going on since…

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