• New York and Leiden

    New York and Leiden

    We arrived at my father’s house just after midnight, to find my stepmother trying and failing to handle a plunger.

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  • Things That Don’t Help

    Things That Don’t Help

    This post is going to be partially a rant. I’m warning you now. I love travel, and I love writing about travel, and so I’m nearly always positive when I write these posts, simply because I’m talking about things that make me feel good. But every once in a while… As reported in the news…

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  • Omicron


    So, the new variant of Covid has not succeeded in completely derailing my trip… yet. Crossed fingers and toes, it doesn’t manage after I’ve begun. I had some very hard thinking to do when we started hearing about Omicron. I mean, a brand new, super-infectious form of Covid that wasn’t successfully defended by vaccines, and…

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