Route of the Amtrak Cardinal, from Chicago to New York Penn Station. From Chicago the route goes southeast through Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Charleston, before turning northeast through Carlottesville, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia before arriving at Penn Station.

In case you were wondering…

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Naomi and M did make it to Chicago, and then to New York. Where N’s father had just tested positive for COVID-19. Thanks to paxlovid he has improved enough that N felt that it was safe to leave him, after setting him up with DoorDash for getting deliveries from drugstores, which mostly don’t deliver in his neighborhood. Unlike everything else.

She and M are now at JFK waiting for their flight to the Netherlands to take off.

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  1. Naomi Avatar

    We’re safely in the Netherlands now, and I finally have the time to write up the Chicago section of the trip! Hopefully that’ll go up soon. Apologies to everyone reading about our trip, for the sudden silence — we spent a frantic few days taking care of my father and stepmother, and making sure they were well enough for us to safely move along.

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